Sexcentenary is a group of women, who identify as older, committed to the collaborative performance of gender, feminism and aging.

Sexcentenary homepage

Switzerland 2016

We recently performed in Switzerland, long duration performance at Perform Perform festival, 2016.

Sexcentenary (GB), Now you see me, now you don’t, 2016 from PERFORM PERFORM on Vimeo.

Hazard, Manchester 2016


Sexcentenary performed WE RUFUSE TO BE UNSEEN intended to make the audience question whether a woman’s age makes her invisible. Our piece was a subtle experiment, sending confusing signals about our ageing bodies, and our ability to call attention to ourselves.  Hazard is: …. “Manchester’s stripiest festival returns to unleash a sixth wave of bizarre behaviour on the city centre, blurring the boundaries between art and activism… random actions, strange antics + ludic activities.”


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