Pulling the Cosmic Trigger

Snap shots of recent work.

Good Service

When I enter the Chapel Puce – a psychological state sometimes induced by Discordian literature – I’m not sure whether I am being hindered or helped by an existential force, or whether it’s just a  product of my imagination, meaning I’ll leave either paranoid or agnostic.  Model agnosticism, or the firm belief in having no beliefs, is clearly a desired worldview but it’s difficult to quell the paranoia or “pronoia” when the serendipities and coincidences are mounting so close to home.


At Bar Wotever
DJ Wolfy and Max Legroom
Prop made by Rita Ruggeri
By Clair West Photography

The Illustrated Woman

Leaving My Old Life Behind

A ten minute autobiographical film and sound scape, mapped over the artist’s body.

Visions of personal mythology covered head to toe unfold across the canvas, that both enrich and  curse real or phantom, marks upon the soul.

Live performance in Brighton